Animal Control in Columbus OH for Effective Removal of Canada Geese

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Animal Removal

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As winter sets in, Ohio residents expect the Canada geese to have already headed south or at least to start thinking about it. Increasingly, however, Canada geese are staying in the northern realms all year round instead of migrating as far south as they used to. As long as they have open water and access to food, they tend to stick around. This can cause problems for residents when flocks of geese that used to only come through in fall now hang around all winter, and sometimes never head back north in spring. Landowners may need assistance from a service that does Animal control in Columbus OH if they have waterfront property or agricultural land where geese are causing problems.

People generally consider Canada geese to be beautiful birds, and the honking songs they make while in flight are soothing to many individuals. Nevertheless, these big birds can quickly become a nuisance if they become permanent residents on private land. The can be aggressive, especially during mating season and when they are protecting nests. Large amounts of goose droppings also are a hassle for people to deal with. One adult goose can produce a full pound of moist, slippery scat each day.

A service for animal control in Columbus OH uses a variety of strategies to discourage geese from staying on the land. Audio and visual devices are used to scare the birds away. Strobe motion lights and audio devices that go on when motion is detected can be effective, but people must consider whether these methods would acceptable where they live. Another possibility is an audio device that plays sounds of Canada geese, which makes other geese believe this territory is already taken.

Pest control technicians may need to conduct some hazing episodes to convince geese to move. They can bring dogs that scare geese as well. Animal control in Columbus OH also may use chemical deterrents that aren’t harmful to geese but that the birds do not like. They can apply these chemical agents to areas where geese roam on the property. A service such as the Wildlife Control Company provides effective geese removal methods for people dealing with this unpleasant problem. Browse around here.

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