Effective Opossum Removal in Westerville OH

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Animal Removal

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When someone has several opossums living underneath their home, it is likely they will want them eliminated from the area. While opossum does not regularly carry rabies due to a low body temperature, they do carry parasites. Their droppings can also cause a variety of health risks. Many find that opossum is nuisances, as they will get into the trash or try to eat outdoor pet food. Here are some steps that can be taken for effective Opossum Removal in Westerville OH.

Contact A Professional To Do Trapping

It is best to trap an opossum and have it relocated. If a homeowner attempts to use a pesticide to kill opossum, there is a possibility of a pet or neighbor’s pet becoming a victim to the poison. The Opossum can be brought away from home and placed in a safe area where they will thrive. A professional should be called to trap opossum as they will have the right types of traps and will handle the animals appropriately.

Remove Attractions From The Yard

After opossum is removed from a property, taking the time to make the yard less attractive to these critters is important. There may have been a few stragglers in the neighborhood who will come back to the property looking for food or the relocated animals. Make sure to take up pet food dishes, so opossum and other pests do not have a readily available feast. Keep fountains and birdbaths covered, so water is hard to access as well.

Seal Areas Where Opossum Frequented

The underneath of a home will require some patchwork to keep opossum from returning once they are removed. Pieces of rigid metal or chicken wire can be used along the perimeter of the home to blockade the underside so animals are no longer able to wriggle their way in an out-of-reach place.

When there is a need for Opossum Removal in Westerville OH, calling a professional to come to the rescue is best. Get more information online and get the phone number of a reliable service in the area. A call can then be made to schedule removal services if desired.

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