Installing Glass Doors in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Garage Door, Garage Door Supplier

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Glass doors are often used in homes in front entries, patios and decks, and in some bedrooms with balconies. While most front entry doors contain some glass in order to let natural sunlight into the house, fiberglass front doors can help save energy. Fiberglass front doors are also easy to install and are an optimal choice for homes in harsher climates. Glass Doors in Pittsburgh PA can be installed by specialists such as Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc. Patio glass doors can be made in a sliding or French style.

Reasons to Install

The reasons to install new doors can range from aesthetic to functional needs. Existing doors that are not energy efficient or have aged significantly are common reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade. If energy efficiency is a concern, homeowners will want to look at the door’s energy rating and ensure the rating meets the Energy Star standard. It is wise to purchase Glass Doors in Pittsburgh PA that meet the Energy Star standard due to the colder climate in the winter. Besides increased energy efficiency, the installation of glass doors can brighten up a home and provide an entirely new look.


Fiberglass front doors are usually built to withstand harsher weather, handle high-traffic, and resist scratches or dents. The look of the doors can be modified to resemble that of wood doors. Glass accents on the front doors can be separated by grilles or be placed in one section. Some front glass doors are available with stained glass options, which can add a personalized or unique look to a home. Patio glass doors can be made to swing to the left, right, as well as inward or outward. Five to fifteen feet is the typical range for sizes.

Before installing new glass doors in your home, seek out advice and cost estimates from door companies, home improvement stores, and local contractors. The level of service, quality of materials offered, and costs can vary widely. If energy efficiency and savings is a top concern, ensure the installer offers door options that include ratings meeting the Energy Star standard.

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