Tips For Opossum Removal In Dublin, OH

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Animal Removal

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Although opossums are not aggressive animals, they can pose a risk to humans and their property if the opossums move into a house. An opossum could bite or scratch a child or pet if the opossum feels threatened, and it could also do damage to the property. While rabies in opossums is rare, the animals carry many parasites (fleas and ticks) that do transmit diseases, and their droppings are also likely to carry bacteria that is dangerous to humans. The following are some tips for Opossum Removal in Dublin OH from wildlife removal experts.

Evaluate The Situation

Before attempting to remove an opossum, it’s important to assess how many are living in the space. Wildlife removal experts have observed that spring is the time when opossums have babies, and the young stay with the mother for a period of time. It’s very important to be aware of whether there are babies to consider as trapping methods for young opossums are different.

Choose And Set A Humane Trap

The best trap for an opossum is a sturdy steel cage. The trap should be set in a cool or shady place so that the trapped animal doesn’t have to suffer in the heat. Meat tends to make the best type of bait, but there is a risk that such bait will also attract household and neighborhood pets. It’s important to check the trap frequently to make sure no animal is caged for very long.

Release The Animal

Since opossums are gentle creatures and pose no real threat to humans, it’s worth treating them humanely and sending them back into the wild rather than killing them. Most people carry the cage to a location that is distant from the house and simply open the door to set the opossum free. The opossum may be frightened and reluctant to move at first, but blowing on it may encourage it to move. People should not try to reach in and grab the opossum or poke at it with a stick to make it move.

These tips are designed to help people with Opossum Removal in Dublin OH, but not everyone will want to attempt it on their own. Contact us for safe, humane, and professional wildlife removal services.

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