Why Is Green Cleaning Important For Your Business?

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Cleaning Tips and Tools

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By now, virtually everyone has heard about going green at home and at your office. Do you know what that really means? Many people think that it’s simply done by recycling and using refillable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. While those are big things, there are also other things to consider when it comes to going green like cleaning. There are a few ways that green cleaning can be a good thing when hiring San Jose janitorial services.

Safer for Employees

You may have employees that are allergic or very sensitive to harsh chemicals that have even harsher smells. Having your San Jose janitorial service use green cleaning products means that your employees won’t have allergic reactions from touching cleaned surfaces. You also don’t have to worry about the smells making them sick. This is especially important to people with sensitivities and even pregnant women that often can’t stand strong smells.

Good for the Environment

When you are using green projects, you can be rest assured that your business is doing a little bit extra to help the earth. Green cleaning includes cleaning products that are made using all natural ingredients. Your cleaning service may also do things like replace your regular plastic trash bags with compo-stable bags and replacing your paper towels with air hand dryers in the bathrooms. You will feel great that you are making your business’s carbon footprint a little bit smaller.

May be More Cost Effective

One of the biggest misconceptions about green cleaning is that it is going to be exponentially more expensive than chemical cleaning methods. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, using green products can actually be cheaper. If you are using a cleaning service, they will more than likely have a distributor that they use to supply the products they need. In that case, they will usually get a discounted rate for the cleaning products they use. You don’t have to worry about absorbing the total cost for replacing these items.

There are so many great reasons to go the green cleaning route when it comes to your business. The great thing is that all of these reasons have multiple benefits. You will make your bottom line, your employees, and the environment a lot happier. If you have questions about how green cleaning can be implemented at your business, call for a consultation today.

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