Tips on choosing a cleaning service

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Cleaning Tips and Tools

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With family and employment taking the top spots for many people, it is often hard to work cleaning the home or office into the agenda. It is for this reason that busy homemakers or small business owners find professional cleaning services in Brooklyn to be an attractive proposition. Before making the necessary arrangements with a cleaning service there are a few things that need to be addressed, by discussing issues early there will be less chance of any miscommunication between you and the service provider.

Before contacting a service the first thing you must do is determine what your specific cleaning needs are. If you are a typical busy homemaker you can probably run the dishwasher and make the beds every day but you may find that there simply isn’t enough time for you to run the vacuum cleaner, dust the furniture and give the bathroom a thorough cleaning. These are examples of repetitive tasks that need doing, you may also have tasks that only need doing periodically such as cleaning the carpets or waxing the hardwood floors. When you develop a task list it will be much easier to communicate effectively with the cleaning service.

Once you have determined what services you need and the frequency it is now time to choose your service provider. One of the more important issues is employee screening, the people responsible for doing the work will normally be in your home when you are not; it is extremely important that the cleaning personnel have been screened, you want to be assured that not only are they honest and trustworthy, they are suited to do the work well. The best cleaning services in Brooklyn will be happy to share the screening process with you, in this way you will know that the employees are qualified and have had a thorough background check.

Some cleaning services will offer discounted rates if you are to enter into a long term service agreement, perhaps one or two years. If you believe that you will need the service for an extended period of time it may be in your best interests to discuss this possibility, however, it might be a good idea to use the service for a month or so before entering into a long term arrangement.

Choosing professional cleaning services in Brooklyn essentially boils down to finding a reputable service, one that carefully screens all their employees, are reasonably priced and can periodically provide other non-contracted services on a “as needed” basis.

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