4 Crucial Questions to Ask a House Cleaning Company

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Cleaning

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Before you choose a company offering cleaning in Bellevue, WA, you want to make sure they provide the services and professionalism that you need. Because this can be difficult to gauge off of limited information, one of the best options you have is to interview the company you are considering. In this article, we will look at the most important questions to have answered before having cleaning done by a professional.

Have You Conducted a Background Check on Your Employees?

When you are looking into someone who will be working inside your home, it’s important that they are trustworthy and honest. Knowing that they have successfully passed a background check can give some of that peace of mind you need. Another question related to this one is whether the cleaning company will send you the same worker each time. You may prefer a specific employee visit rather than not knowing who will show up each month.

Do You Provide a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Some companies offering cleaning in Bellevue will provide some sort of guarantee in case you are not happy with the service you received. This also means that the company cares about your feedback and is more likely to take your suggestions seriously. If the company isn’t comfortable with providing a guarantee for their work, it might not be the best sign.

Are Supplies and Equipment Provided?

Many cleaning operations will provide all supplies and equipment needed to clean up your home. Some may provide equipment but expect you to have the supplies available. Whatever the case is, find out who is providing the supplies and if you can choose alternate options if you find the provided supplies don’t work well.

How Will You Enter My Home?

If you will not be present while the cleaners are in your home, it’s important to determine how you will provide entrance into your home. You might be okay leaving a key in a hidden place or you may want someone to be around to open the door. Make sure the method that is comfortable for you work for the company you choose. The last thing you want is to be inconvenienced if the employee cannot get inside and you are across town.

Cleaning in Bellevue, WA

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