Is Bathroom Remodeling in Oceanside, CA a Good Investment?

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Bathroom Renovation

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One of the most popular projects undertaken by homeowners is remodeling a bathroom. However, is bathroom remodeling in Oceanside CA really worth the investment? Industry statistics suggest the average bathroom remodeling project only provides about a 60 to 65 percent return on investment (ROI). Does that mean it would be better to invest that money somewhere else? When exploring the issue further, the return on investment probably isn’t the only factor to discuss.

Updates Improve a Home’s Appeal

Old, dated bathrooms do little to enhance a home’s appeal. If the property owners are contemplating selling the property, the home’s appeal may be far more important than ROI. Prospective buyers may well simply walk away from a home that’s not updated without even making an offer. That’s why all those home shows on television spend time and money updating bath areas. Selling is generally more important here than getting the highest ROI.

Modernizing Makes Homes Nicer for Families

Family members enjoy being comfortable in their homes. For most people, that means having a nice, comfortable bath area that’s been updated to meet contemporary needs is important. Gone are the days when small, utilitarian bathrooms were considered acceptable. Today, homeowners are spending money to expand old bathrooms or add new ones that offer deluxe features not even considered by most people in the past. Before taking on any type of updating, why not contact an area design and installation expert who will offer advice on the types of improvements people are demanding today?

Renew a Bath Area Without Breaking the Budget

Bathroom remodeling in Oceanside CA doesn’t need to be overly expensive. When budget considerations are a primary concern, discuss the issue with a contractor or designer before moving forward with a project. In most cases, costs can be contained when everyone involved is working on the same page from day one. That’s why updating an existing space rather than adding a new one may be necessary to keep plumbing costs to a minimum. Fixture prices can also be kept under control when budget objectives are clear from the start.

If you’re considering updating an existing bathroom or would like to add another bath space, get in touch with an area contractor now. Business Name. will gladly work with Oceanside area residents to plan their dream bathroom space and decide if they’re making a sound investment.

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