Tips For Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Painting

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If you’re looking for the right house painters to do the job, you may be wondering what important factors to consider. Hiring a professional painting contractor can be an important decision, as the quality of their paint job will last in your home for years to come. When deciding which painting companies and individuals to use, you should consider the following tips to help the decision-making process go more smoothly.

At Alliance Painting, we want to be sure that you hire an interior or exterior painting professional that you can be satisfied with. We’ve come up with the following guide so that you can best understand what you should be asking and looking for in choosing the right painter. Read the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to finding someone that can get the job done right.

Step 1: Ask for Credentials

It’s important that your preferred professional painting contractor comes with the correct credentials. Are they a member of a trade or local group? Do they live up to a standard of commitment that is proven through their work? Are they properly licensed through their company or a contract licensor’s organization?

Step 2: Get Plenty of Quotes

No painter should start the job without giving you proper quotes first. If you want to establish a working and trusting relationship with a professional, make sure you get a written estimate that includes the cost of labor as well as the cost of material.

Step 3: Sign a Contract

You should make sure to have everything done in writing. Any number of house painters will be happy to establish a working contract with you so that you both understand each other’s terms as well as requirements for service, labor, and payment. You should get a written guarantee, too!

Step 4: Get Your Own Paint

You have every right to choose your own type of paint. While the painter may have his or her recommendations, you can choose the best kind that works for you. Remember that most paints are now water-based, so be on the lookout for lead-based products.

Contact Alliance Painting for an Estimate!

If you are ready to hire a great painting contractor for all of your painting needs, you can trust in Alliance Painting. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on all our interior work, and we would be happy to establish an estimate for you. Contact us today to get started!

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