What to Look for in Janitorial Cleaning in Minneapolis

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Cleaning

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Many businesses hire a commercial cleaning company for janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis. Before choosing a company to provide this service, you must research your options. It’s critical to hire someone you trust to enter your business when you aren’t there. The following will help you determine what to look for in the best cleaning company.


Hiring someone for janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis requires entrusting your business to them after hours. You won’t supervise them directly. Ask about their insurance before signing a contract. They will happily show you their policy and what they cover to give you peace of mind.

Request a Quote

Every cleaning company sets prices for janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis based on what they must do. Before hiring a company, ask for a quote. They should provide a detailed estimate of how much each service costs and what you can expect to pay based on frequency. Some businesses prefer to get multiple quotes to compare.

Avoid Long-Term Contracts at First

Some cleaning companies want you to sign a long-term contract without trying their services. Before committing to anyone for long-term janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis, ask for a short-term contract. If you’re unhappy with their service, you won’t pay cancellation fees to try someone else.

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