The Financial Repercussions of Recommendations Made by a Chimney Rebuilding Service in Carroll County, MD

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Chimney Sweep

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A fireplace is a wonderful thing to have in a home, and a fireplace in a Carroll County home can be functional and decorative. A fireplace can be a beneficial provider of heat during cold fall and winter days and nights. A central part of a fireplace that’s working properly is a chimney to expel smoke, various gasses, and other contaminants so they can cause no harm. Unfortunately, with older homes in this area, chimneys don’t always work like they should, and this can put a person’s life in danger from dangerous gasses and an increased potential for fire hazards. That’s why many people call on a Chimney Rebuilding Service in Carroll County MD.

Many times, a chimney can easily be repaired. However, there are situations, especially with older fireplace units, where a chimney will need to be rebuilt rather than repaired. The cost for this type of service is what many people think about when they are told they have to rebuild their chimneys.

From a cost standpoint, a Chimney Rebuilding Service in Carroll County MD can charge around $1000 to as high as $3000. There are also instances where the cost can be even more, depending on the size of the chimney. This type of repair work will typically include rebuilding the chimney stack, adding new flashing material around the exterior of the chimney where it connects with the roof of the home, and putting on a new chimney cap. The costs are typically higher when lining materials have to be installed inside a new chimney stack.

With the dangers of a faulty chimney, the introduction of invisible but harmful gasses into the home, and the increased risk for fire, a recommendation to rebuild a chimney shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why, if a professional service like Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps has determined that your chimney needs to be rebuilt rather than repaired, it will be important to take this recommendation seriously. Whether you think the problem is significant or minimal, with the many risks of a faulty chimney, this isn’t something that you want to put off for too long.

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