Enjoy Durability And Protection By Using A Seamless Floor

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Flooring

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There are many kinds of floor coverings, such as painted concrete, linoleum, and tile. Each of these materials has a specific use, but few of them compare to the durability and chemical resistance that a Seamless Floor can provide. This type of floor uses special epoxies to provide an even coating, but this is just the beginning. For instance, there are various grades of epoxies available for special-use cases. Plus, the floor can be treated so it has a specific color or appearance. Adding color to the epoxy provides multiple benefits including reducing the chances of any visible yellowing and providing a more uniform floor color.

One reason a business may desire a Seamless Floor is to protect the foundation from corrosive materials. The right epoxy can resist chemicals such as hydrochloric acid for months or longer. Spills that touch the floor for less time than that will rarely even mar the surface. This makes an epoxy floor the perfect choice for just about any large, concrete foundation, especially those used in schools and chemical laboratories. Seamless epoxy floors are great for those businesses that use harsh chemicals for any purpose because the epoxy is minimally reactive. It can also be a great floor for warehouses, machine shops, and automotive repair shops that require quick and easy cleaning.

The seamless epoxy floor is also a good choice for any building that has a high volume of traffic, both human and vehicular, because the epoxy can use a textured filler that provides traction. This makes it the best surface for forklifts or personnel transit systems. These floor coating can also have a variety of other fillers, and this is the best way to create a look that suits the decor. For example, color chips can be mixed into the epoxy so the floor has a granite appearance.

Other things that make an epoxy floor useful is coving. Coving protects the area where the floor and wall meet by bringing the epoxy up the wall for several inches or more. Due to the thickness of the material, the epoxy will create a reliable barrier that can reduce damages and eliminate the chance of liquid seeping between the wall and floor. Learn more about the benefits of a seamless epoxy floor from the experts at us. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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