Using Chimney Cleaning Products in Annapolis MD

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Chimney Sweep

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When someone has a chimney in their home, they will most likely want to take the steps needed to keep it in good working order. Cleaning a chimney should be done at least once a year if a fireplace is used regularly. This will help in removing soot and creosote from the enclosure so it is at less of a risk for catching on fire. Here are some steps to follow as well as some of the chimney cleaning products in Annapolis MD to use in keeping a chimney in the best of shape.

First, check the thickness of the grime on the interior of the chimney. This can be done by scraping it with a pencil to break off a chunk from the interior of the chimney. If it is over an eighth of an inch, a cleaning should be done promptly. The flue and the top of the chimney should be measured to determine the size of a chimney brush to purchase to do a cleaning job.

A pair of gloves, a dust mask, a hat or bandanna, and a pair of goggles should be worn to protect the skin when working with soot. A drop cloth should be placed in the fireplace, extending into the room to catch any debris that falls when doing the cleaning.

A chimney brush can be placed on a weighted rope so it can be dropped from the top of the chimney, downward. Remove the damper from the top of the chimney so the rope and brush can be lowered into the chimney. Pull the rope slowly toward the top of the chimney, using an up and down motion so the brush will scrape against the sides of the flue in the process. Use a wire brush to scrape away debris from the bottom portion of the chimney as the chimney brush may not have removed all of it on its own.

If someone has questions about what Chimney Cleaning Products in Annapolis MD they should use, or if they want to have a chimney service do the work for them, they will need to find a reliable business to help with these tasks. Contact Complete Chimneys LLC today to get an estimate for a cleaning or to be pointed in the right direction in obtaining cleaning products.

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