Eliminate Storm Damage With Superior Roofing Repairs in Temple Texas

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Roofing

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A leaking roof can cause a lot of damage which is one reason that the first thing to do when the roof begins to drip is have an expert inspect it for failure. Anybody can spot those obvious issues such as water stains in the drywall, but it usually requires an experienced eye to find those minor areas that indicate a new problem. Once the leak has been found, it can be handled by superior Roofing Repairs in Temple Texas. Of course, the type of repair will depend on the actual damage to the roof. Issues like damaged shingles are usually dealt with by removing the bad shingle(s) and working the replacements into the existing layout.

The typical, residential roof is a mix of timber and asphalt that create an effective storm barrier, so long as nothing has caused damage to that barrier. For example, when the building suffers a strong storm, there is more than just water damage to worry about. Heavy winds can yank at the shingle edges, and this slowly tears the tabs off of them. This effectively ruins the shingle because it creates an area where water can get under it and saturate the decking.

Roofing Repairs in Temple Texas can range from the simple shingle patch to completely replacing the roof. The latter option may be the best choice, especially if the building is using those budget friendly, asphalt shingles. These are fairly thin, three-tabbed, asphalt products with a common feature, a very short service life. The typical asphalt shingle sports a warranty that ranges between ten and twenty-five years, based on the quality or grade of the shingle.

Options for roof replacement vary from improved asphalt solutions to steel sheeting. In between are products such as fiber-cement tiles, clay tiles, wood shake and various metals. This large set of options can make purchasing a new roof very difficult. To ease the burden, check out items such as the laminated, asphalt shingle. This simple, material uses an extra layer of product on the back of the shingle. This provides the shingle with additional strength and durability. If asphalt is not an option, then steel roofing may be. Steel roofing comes in many styles so the product can fit almost any roofing task. In fact, certain steel options can be installed directly over an existing asphalt roof. Visit the experts at MGRoofs.com for more details.

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