Owning New Homes in Tulsa OK Can Have New Benefits in Sometimes Overlooked Ways

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Home Improvement

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The main reason people buy a used home over a new home is the cost, no matter the many benefits to owning new. It is the main factor, and it is a big one. But, there are other benefits to New Homes in Tulsa OK that sometimes get lost in the shuffle. These attributes may make the cost-benefit analysis a little more favorable towards a new home.

Full Warranty

A warranty for a new phone or computer is nice, but a warranty for an entire home is another thing altogether. New Homes in Tulsa OK are completely covered, and that includes the roof, water heater, appliances, and anything else that went into the construction. Like a new vehicle, maintenance is mild for those first few years. Homeowners can get just about everything covered for free if anything happens to go wrong.


New vehicles are built to last longer than their counterparts from a previous decade. The same applies to new homes. New homes are better designed, more energy-efficient, and all around improved in technology. For example, single-pane windows were common prior to 2010. In the last few years, double-paned windows are the new normal. A homeowner may spend tens of thousands in upgrading a used home to be more energy-efficient. All of this can be avoided with a new home that starts with new technology and new changes that have come to be standard.

Safer Equipment

The fact that homeowners will have safer equipment is an extension of the above. The technology is better, and that has an application on the performance of the home. But, it also affects how safe it is. Homes from Ruhl Construction have esteemed circuit breakers and detailed electrical systems that are built with safety in mind. Some older systems were not built as well, and they are obviously aged and a little more vulnerable.

The benefits to a new home over a used home are often obvious. New homeowners can have a space that is completely customized to their liking. They also get to go through the adventure of building a property, and being able to create something new that they are the first and only to ever experience.

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