Signs That the Time Has Come for a Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury, MA

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Appliance Repair

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Washers and dryers are made to provide reliable service for years. From time to time, there will be the need for some type of Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA. Recognizing the signs that indicate the time has come to call a professional will save the homeowner time and frustration in the long run. Here are some of the more common signs the dryer could use some help.

Squeaking Sounds While in Operation

The clothing is loaded, and the dryer sheets are added just before the door is closed. As the homeowner activates the dryer, there is a distinct squeaking sound. It continues for a moment and then the noise is gone. While the squeaking did not last, the fact that it occurred in the first place is a sign that something is not right. The best approach is to call a professional and find out what is happening before things get worse. There is a good chance that the issue will be a simple one and making that Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA, will not involve a lot of time or money.

The Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

Everything seems to be working, but it is taking longer for the clothes to dry. A load that used to be dry in 40 minutes now requires almost an hour. Since the situation will only get worse, the only wise move is to call a professional and find out what is causing the dryer to be less efficient.

The Drum Stops Turning

After selecting a setting and pressing the button to start the dryer, nothing happens. A quick check confirms that the drum is not turning. This type of issue could be as simple as a broken belt, but it could also mean a component has worn out and need replacing. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional take a look.

For anyone who is having problems with a dryer, Visit domain name today and arrange for a service call. Once the origin of the issue is identified, the professional will go over what needs to happen in order to get the dryer up and running again.

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