Signs it is Time for Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Glass Repair Service

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A person’s home is their castle. However, this doesn’t mean it needs to be drafty or uncomfortable like the castles of yesteryear. In the past, having to deal with windows that didn’t provide protection from the elements was common place. However, modern windows are built to protect the interior of a home and ensure hot air is kept in (or out). If a homeowner is dealing with heat coming through the window that is hotter than a dragon’s breath making their home uncomfortable, it may be time to call for Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO. Some other signs it is time for this service are found here.

It’s Hard to Open or Close the Windows

Old windows, especially double- or single-hung ones, are going to develop balance problems eventually. This makes it difficult to open or close. Issues with rust or rot can make the problem even worse. If a homeowner discovers they need the strength of 10 knights to open their windows, it is time to call for Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO.

Condensation Between the Glass

If the windows fog up and there is condensation between the glazing, then this means the seals have failed. When this happens, moisture is entering in between the panes and forming condensation. When the weather gets colder out, a homeowner may begin to notice ice or frost developing between the panes. In both situations, the windows need to be repaired or replaced.

Outside Noise Coming In

If the window is no longer properly insulated or sealed, then the noise from outside may begin to become an issue. This is especially true if the home is located on a busy street or near and airport. If windows are no longer providing adequate protection from exterior noise, then they should be replaced. Homeowners will also see lower energy costs when they do this.

Investing in repair for a home’s windows can be expensive, so it is best to use a reputable service provider. A professional team that homeowners can count on is available by contacting A M Richards Glass Co Inc. Seeking repairs or replacement or old or worn out windows can be beneficial in many situations.

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