Reasons to Select a Frameless Glass Shower Door in Indianapolis IN

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Glass Repair Service

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The most common reason people select a durable Frameless Glass Shower Door in Atlanta is for the elegant look. It is understated, does not interfere or clash with any decor changes, and highlights the door handle nicely. The fit of frameless doors has to be perfect in order for the door to operate correctly and safely, so find an experienced company to install one. The pricing of those types of doors is a bit higher than shower doors that are completely framed, but the look is worth the expenditure.

There are several hardware options for the handle, so people can find one that fits their style and preferences. Most come with standard handles, but there are upgrades available to elevate the total look of the door. Ask about offers when researching companies to hire for installation.

Another reason for deciding on a frameless glass shower door in Atlanta is that it will make a small bathroom appear bigger. The bathroom will also appear brighter. The absence of a frame creates the illusion of extra space. There is no aluminum to draw the eye around the dimensions of the shower, so the bathroom seems bigger. No frame also means less light bounces off the surfaces. The bathroom looks brighter because the natural light from any windows remains in the space. The space is also less crowded because there is no need for a shower curtain that appears to cut the bathroom in half.

An alternative for a frameless shower door is a framed door. It creates the illusion of more space in a small bathroom and is a bit more cost-effective than a frameless door. Other options include sliding doors and bi-fold doors for narrow openings. Custom solutions are also available for odd-shaped spaces. When having a new shower door installed, homeowners may want to consider low maintenance glass treatments to protect the investment. Factory-applied treatments are available in nine options and offer better protection than treatments that have to be applied monthly.

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