Reasons to Choose Retractable Screens

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Screen Store

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Retractable screens are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, so if you’re considering them for your home, you may want to learn more about their benefits. Of course, they’re highly convenient, and you don’t have to see them if you don’t need them at that moment. You can keep them in the upward position and just pull them down as needed. While most people consider them to partially cover patios, they can also be used on covered porches, garages, windows, doors, and many other spaces. Some of them even offer motorised versions, which means you can quickly lower or raise them as needed.

Retractable screens are essential because they protect you and your furnishings from the sun and its rays. They provide shade when otherwise you wouldn’t have it and can also reduce how much glare the sun gives. If you place them strategically around the house, you can reduce energy costs because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Along with such, these screens protect you from insects. While you’re outside enjoying a BBQ or relaxing with a good book, the screen keeps mosquitos and other bugs away from you. Now, you don’t have to fight off flies, wasps, or bumblebees just to enjoy the outdoors.

At SP Screens, they understand that homeowners want to feel comfortable at all times. While you may have to work outside the home and run tons of errands throughout the day, you should get to relax and unwind at home. The best part is that their retractable screens put you in control at all times. You can leave them up and out of the way when the weather is nice, or that part of the house is shaded. You can also pull them down to protect against bugs, the sun, or light rain.

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