Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Any time you choose to hire a contractor, it’s important to establish that the person is professional, experienced, and skilled for the job you need to be completed. If you are looking for an expert plumber in Queens, there are numerous questions that can help you decide who the right contractor is for the job. We’ll share a few of these below, so the process is a bit less challenging.

Are You a Licensed Plumber?

This is an important question to ask from the get-go. Even if the plumber assures you that they hold a license, make sure you see it for yourself. A plumber who is licensed is going to be registered with a governing body which has rules and regulations about the work done. With a licensed plumber, you can expect fantastic work while someone who is not licensed may not be quite up to snuff.

What is the Total Cost?

Most plumbers are going to offer you a free estimate, but you should be wary of any of them provided over the phone or through email. You want someone who shows up at your house and looks at the work that will need to be done before quoting a price to you. Otherwise, you have no guarantee that the price is near the final price. Make sure everything from materials to labor is included in the price, as well.

Who Will Be Working Here?

When you call up a professional plumbing company, there are often numerous plumbers available. You should ask the plumber who gives you a quote if they will be the one doing the work. If that is not the case, ask who will be doing it and what experience and qualifications they have. If there isn’t a sufficient answer or you’re unsure, you may want to keep looking.

When is Payment Required?

Find out when the plumber wishes to be paid and whether any of the money is expected upfront. If the person wants the entire amount upfront, this is not someone you want to work with. Others are going to use time or milestones to determine when payments come. Make sure the option chosen is something you are comfortable with.

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