Points to Ponder With New Roofing in Carver, MA

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Roofing

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After a thorough examination, the contractor has some bad news for the homeowner. The current roof needs a lot of work. In fact, so much work is needed that the recommendation of the contractor is to replace the roofing in Carver MA as quickly as possible. Here are some decisions that must be made before the roof replacement can get underway.

Choosing the Best Materials

The simplest solution would be to invest in new roofing that is the same type as the old one. Before going that route, why not spend some time learning about other options? Depending on what the homeowner wants to accomplish, opting for a different type of roofing in Carver MA area could mean never having to replace the roof again. The contractor can go over the different options and point out the pros and cons of each kind of material.

How About the Color?

The homeowner was never completely happy with the roof color. Still, it seemed like a waste of money to replace it while the roof was still in good shape. Since it has to go now, why not choose a color that looks better with the house and is more to the owner’s liking?

When considering different colors, resist the urge to go with the latest fashionable color. While it may look great today, the color could date the home several years down the road. Stick with a color that will still be considered contemporary a couple of decades from now.

Determining the Expense

How much will it cost to replace the current roof? Along with the materials, the labor will influence the total expense. In the best case scenario, the contractor will confirm that there is only one layer of roofing on the home and that the framework is sturdy enough to support the second layer. When the original roofing does not have to be removed, that will save time and a nice chunk of the labor costs.

For any homeowner who believes the time has come for new Roofing, talk with a contractor today. With a little time and attention to detail, making the right choices will not be difficult.

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