Double Bowl Sink: Reasons To Consider

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bathroom Supply Store

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A double bowl sink is so named because the large basin (where the water goes) is divided into two sections. They are usually evenly split, but you can find options where one side is larger than the other. Regardless, they are suitable for kitchens because you can easily wash the dishes on one side and rinse them in the other. One side can be filled with soapy water, allowing you to pre-soak the dishes and scrub away grime. When finished, you can set the now-clean dishes in the other side (either full of clean water or not), and rinse them all when you’re finished washing.

A double bowl sink can also be suitable if you have a garbage disposal. If you routinely use fresh produce, it’s easy to put peelings and unusable parts directly in the sink and let the garbage disposal grind it down. Plus, you can put the usable portions of the vegetables and fruits in the other side to rinse later. If you choose a deep bowl style, you can also store dirty dishes in the sink so that they aren’t piled up on the countertop. That way, you can hide the disorganisation if you don’t have time to clean up before guests arrive.

Mr Sink has a variety of styles available for a double bowl sink. You can find circular styles that look appealing and unique. You can also find a large and small bowl version with a covered area to place your clean dishes while they dry. This is the most suitable option for many homeowners because you get a large, spacious area where you can easily do up large amounts of dishes at the same time. Other styles include having two deep bowls only, two smaller bowls with two dish-draining spots, and various sizes and styles.

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