Passion Is Emphasized in Patty Madden Wallcoverings

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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Certain wall coverings capture a spirit of true beauty in their design offerings. This spirit is reflected in wallcoverings that use fresh and interesting printing methods inspired by nature and the imagination.

Well-Appointed Looks

For example, the ecology line of wallpapers by designer Patty Madden offers this type of spirit. That is because the coverings are luxuriously and artistically depicted in interesting and organic forms, each print combining contemporary and classic elements with a life-affirming palette and captivating range. For example, some of the selections include faux linen damasks in a variety of tones and colors.

Digital Wallcoverings

In addition, the designer is taking walls to entirely new levels with her offering of digital wallcoverings. This innovation enables customers to choose from an unlimited combination of looks, transforming any space into an attention-grabbing or striking conversation area.

For example, in Patty’s Bergen design, the designer manages to capture the corrosive forces of nature through the sand, salt water, and sunlight. You might say that this particular look is considered a beachcomber’s gem. The Bergen theme, which is available in various colors, decorates a home’s or building’s walls with a luminous theme.

An Entirely Unique Design

Digital wallcoverings such as those depicted by Patty Madden add contour, dimension, and depth that feels lavish. However, the digital enhancement can be added to fit any budget or timeframe. This type of innovation gives customers the freedom to produce unique works of art for their walls. Therefore, you can mix and match any ground with one of a variety of patterns for an entirely unique design.

A number of scale alternatives enables customers to adapt the focus of their art from specific and precise details to large-scale and dramatic elements. Whether you choose a more traditional approach or elect to decorate with digital technology, you can find a wall covering that will meet your building’s needs for freshness and ambiance.

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