Natural Wallcoverings: Picking the Style That’s Right for Your Home

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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What Are Natural Wallcoverings?

Our latest natural wallcoverings are made of organic materials and are designed for the outdoorsy type. Most natural wallcoverings, otherwise known as grasscloth, add life and balance to any design scheme. We have a variety of types, from tropical themes to a simple urban style. The idea behind such subtle beauty is to harmonize your home organically with a hint of sophistication.

What Are Grasscloth Coverings Made Of?

Natural grasscloth wallcoverings are just like fingerprints. Each of our wallcoverings comes with its own intricate style that sets it apart from other wallcovering. Our wallcoverings are handmade with a nice hodgepodge of natural fibers, including hemp, grass, bamboo and jute. The strands are crafted and secured with a strong rice paper for a sturdy hold.

What Makes a Natural Wallcovering Unique?

Your natural wallcovering is a bit of a patchwork style where the lines are slightly uneven. You may feel a little disconcerted at first glance. The slight inconsistency is something you will get used to in time. If anything, you’ll come to appreciate such organic beauty when you cut it and use it in sections.

Learn More About Our Products

We have a vast collection of decorative styles that use geometric patterns. Solid colors range from light beige to dark, deep brown. We even have dark forrest green with a leaf pattern. You can browse our wallcoverings and choose the right color schemes for your living room, den, or home office. Visit to learn more about our products.

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