GreenGuard Certification for Healthier Homes

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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If you’ve been shopping for any number of home improvement products in the last few years – cribs, mattresses, paint, wallpaper and window treatments, to name a few – you may have noticed that some boast “GreenGuard certification”. What exactly does this mean, and what can GreenGuard do for you, your family and your home?

What is GreenGuard?

To be GreenGaurd certified means that a product has been tested and proven to contain and emit low levels of chemicals. The chemicals most consumers are most concerned about are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, such as formaldehyde and other carbon-based chemicals that seep into the air through gases or vapors emitted from common household products. GreenGuard certification means that items are within safe levels and limits of these chemicals.

Many retailers of paint, floorings, wallcoverings and other home improvement products now sell items that boast GreenGuard certification. This helps consumers choose décor for their home that is not only beautiful, but helps protect and improve the air quality inside their walls.

Why Worry About Emissions?

It may seem strange to some to worry about the eco-friendliness of things like wallpaper and paint. However, for those with breathing issues or who are looking to avoid exposure of their families to potentially hazardous chemicals, looking for items low in VOCs and other substances makes solid sense.

Air quality is about more than simply having a pleasant-smelling home. Clean air can improve overall health, lessen symptoms of conditions such as asthma and allergies and prolong the life of both humans and animals inside the home. Though minimal exposure to these substances won’t pose an immediate risk to most, long-term risks can be more significant. Why not choose décor options that reduce or eliminate this risk altogether?

Choosing GreenGuard certified products may not make sense for every family and home. They are an excellent option for cleaner air and safer homes, and will continue to be more prevalent s more consumers prioritize these benefits.

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