Wood Flooring Installation in NYC: Choosing Dark vs. Light

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Wood Products

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Choosing between dark wood and light wood flooring is difficult for some homeowners. They may view the darker wood as more elegant in appearance while realizing the lighter shade brightens up a room. What are some factors to consider when making the decision about Wood Flooring Installation in NYC?

Light wood not only makes the entire room look lighter, but it also makes the space look bigger. That can make it a better choice for a smaller owner-occupied apartment, co-op or condo in the city. A large condo or apartment or a house is more suited to darker wood, but the aspect of natural and artificial lighting must be considered. An abundance of windows in a large room works very well with darker Wood Flooring Installation in NYC. The homeowners may still appreciate that rich, intense wood in a room with little natural light as long as they have plentiful and appealing light fixtures. Another option is to have a relatively large hanging light over a dining room table in a room filled with darker wood hues.

Homeowners also must consider the type of furniture and another decor they prefer and plan to have in the home. If they are dedicated to a certain style or historical period, being authentic with the flooring may be desirable. Certain English-style homes may look more authentic with dark wood, while a modernistic design may truly call for lighter shades.

With a company such as New York Wood Flooring, an enormous number of color options are available. Customers must not only think about dark versus light but the various hues within those general categories. Light wood does not have to be blond, for instance. For instance, it can be nearly white, pale tan or natural. In contrast, dark wood can range from brown to near-black and actual black. Dark furniture on these floors can make the room look dreary. Some versions of popular dark wood have a reddish cast that can be beautiful, but it also tends to be very noticeable and even dramatic. Some homeowners will find that overpowering, especially in a smaller space.

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