Why There Is a Demand for Roof Coating in Tucson

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Home Improvment Ideas

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Many Arizona homeowners choose homes with flat roofs. The style helps homes stay cool because there is less surface to absorb heat. Regardless of the materials, they are made from, flat roofs are typically coated, and most people leave the job to experts like Ralph Hays Roofing. During expert Roof Coating Tucson specialists apply materials that help homeowners conserve energy. Eco-friendly coatings also protect roofing materials.

Coatings Increase Energy Efficiency

Arizona homeowners need their homes to stay cool in the area’s blistering heat, and a home’s roofing is one of their first defenses. Many flat roofs are made with standard dark materials that would absorb the sun’s heat if left untreated. With that in mind, homeowners generally arrange to have experts apply light-colored coatings. When clients request Roof Coating Tucson professionals offer them a choice of white, tan, and aluminum. White roofs reflect as much as 95% of the sun’s rays. Tan and aluminum reflect 65% and 60%, respectively. Once coatings are applied, homes become much more energy efficient and homeowners’ cooling costs are reduced.

Recoating Extends Roof Lives

The average lifespan of roof coatings is about four years, so professionals recommend that homeowners recoat regularly. That is especially important in areas like Arizona, which experience torrential rains. Coatings can develop cracks that allow roofs to leak and damage underlying materials. Fortunately, it is simple for residents to schedule recoating estimates via sites like ralphhays.com. Company websites include a “Click here” option that provides information about coating options and lets clients arrange work. The routine professional coating allows clients to extend roofing life, which saves them the costs of replacements.

Roof Coating Is Eco-Friendly

Homeowners who want the most eco-friendly building solutions often opt for roof coatings. When they extend the life of roof materials, homeowners avoid the enormous amount of waste that goes into a new installation. Most coatings are also designed for environmental safety. Also, by reducing air conditioning use, homeowners help minimize local electrical demands.

Arizona homes often include flat roofs that are coated with eco-friendly materials designed to help minimize energy use. Homeowners generally have roofs recoated every few years, which extends the life of roofs and saves the cost and waste involved in re-roofing. Visit the website for more information about Ralph Hays Roofing.

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