Why It’s Important to Have Well and Septic Inspections Conducted on a Regular Basis

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Pest Control

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The good water and septic system of a home are what helps keep water flowing in, and waste flowing out. If one part of this system fails, it can create major problems for the family residing in the home. While most systems will operate for years without requiring maintenance, it is a good idea to have the components of a well and septic systems inspected. This will help identify problems before they can create complete outages, and reduce the time needed to repair problems should they arise. If a homeowner has never had Well and Septic Inspections completed before, they may not be aware of what takes place. The following is a look at the various services included in an inspection.

Water Sampling and Analysis
The water that comes from a well is used for bathing, cooking and even drinking. If this water becomes unsafe from ground contaminants, it can cause an entire household to become sick. Avoid this issue by having water samples taken and sent to a lab to be analyzed. This will alert the homeowner to any concerns that require an in-home filtration system.

Visual Inspection
A septic system should be visually inspected on a regular basis to ensure there are no roots or other underground elements that could prevent it from operating properly in the future. A technician will guide a camera through the pipes and drainage field of the system and have the ability to visually determine what could be causing issues, or identify problems before they lead to a septic system failure.

Septic Tank Health
Another important aspect of Well and Septic Inspections is the overall health of a septic tank. If bacteria is not kept at an optimum level, it can lead to backups. This can be a major inconvenience for the homeowner, and lead to unsafe living conditions. Let a technician conduct a dye test to identify potential problems before they can become a threat overall safety and health.

It is important to take well and septic system health seriously. The crews at Accutech Pest Management offer a wide array of services to keep a home healthy. Call them to arrange for testing so issues can be identified and remedied before tragedy strikes. Visit us, and take the first step in making a home safe for everyone who lives there.

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