Why Installing New Roofing in Rochester, MN During the Spring Makes Sense

by | May 25, 2016 | Roofing

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While it’s possible to install new Roofing in Rochester MN during any season, spring is often a good choice. In fact, if a homeowner has been putting off the task for some time, late spring and early summer are excellent times to call a contractor and get to work on the project. Here are some of the reasons why acting now is a wise move.

The Moderate Weather

During the spring and even into the first days of summer, the odds of enjoying moderate weather are higher. More days of sunshine and temperatures that are comfortable will mean there are no delays in ripping away the old roof and installing the new Roofing in Rochester MN. Both the contractor and the client are happier when there is nothing going on that slows down the process.

Getting Ready for the Summer Heat

If the current roof is not in the best condition, it probably is affecting the ability to cool the home properly. In order to keep the house at a reasonable temperature, the system will have to work harder. That’s because the roof is allowing too much air to seep into the house.

Once the new roof is in place, those tiny cracks will be closed. Thanks to the fact that the house is tighter cooling the inside will be easier. The homeowner can look forward to a lower amount of energy consumed by the air conditioner and, in turn, lower monthly power bills.

One Major Project Out of the Way

There were several things the homeowner plans on doing this year. Choosing to replace the roof early on leaves more time to focus on the other action items on that list. Since the roof happened to be one of the more significant issues, having it out of the way will make the rest of the list look like a piece of cake.

Since the roof needs to be replaced, why not start the process today? Call the team at Steve Gentry Construction and arrange for a contractor to visit the house. It will not take long to decide what type of roof is best for the home, select the color, and lock in a date for the installation to get underway.

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