Why Grasscloth Wallpaper Is the Best Wallpaper for Your Business in NY

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Wallpaper

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Beneath its luxurious surface, grasscloth wallpaper has several benefits for business owners in New York.

Noise Reduction

Chasing voices can be a distraction in any business space, so a grasscloth cover is an ideal choice. The thick material absorbs sound waves, reducing noise levels and improving overall acoustics in your office or workspace.

Natural Aesthetics

Enjoy a natural vibe in your space with this wallpaper. The layered material brings an organic look to any room, creating a diverse and attractive atmosphere for customers or clients.


The fabric used in grasscloth wallcoverings is created from sustainable resources. This makes it friendly for the environment and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, it’s recyclable and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using it in your business.

Affordable Price Affordable Price

When you compare grasscloth cover to other wallcoverings, it’s one of the more affordable options. This makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget who still want to make an impact with their décor. Plus, its durability means your investment will last longer than other materials.

Easy to Clean

You can easily clean grasscloth wallpaper using a soft cloth and mild soap. This helps reduce the time spent on maintenance and allows your business space to look its best at all times.

Diverse Selection

You’ll find a wide selection of grasscloth cover designs that fit any aesthetic or theme. From modern looks to traditional styles, you’re sure to find something that fits the vision of your business. You can also choose colors and textures to create a unique look.

Contact Wolfgordon.com at www.wolfgordon.com to get started with your grasscloth wallpaper project. Their experienced design team will help you select the ideal style for your business in NY.

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