Why Buy Gravity Flow Shelving Systems in California?

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Home Improvement

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There are many complicated and research-intensive decisions a business owner must make. Between finding suppliers and determining how best to lay out products within the store, business owners have a lot on their plates. Figuring out shelving solutions shouldn’t be one of them. When setting up a new retail outlet, using gravity flow shelving systems in California are one of the easiest solutions.


Unlike other static shelving units, gravity flow shelving systems are very versatile. They can be installed and set up to display everything from single cans to cases to bottles of all shapes and sizes. The shelves can be arranged in any order the business owner wants, and the products will automatically slide forward, preventing ugly product gaps from appearing on the shelves. The shelves can also be readjusted at any time, allowing for the same unit to display plastic gallons one day and smaller cans the next.

Easy Assembly

Gravity flow shelving systems can be assembled with absolutely no tools. For a busy business owner, this can be one of the greatest perks to the units. In addition to saving time and cost filling in gaps caused by purchased products, owners can save time assembling and installing these units. Even when adjusting the shelves, there are no tools required.

Low Maintenance

Another perk that comes with these types of systems is that they are easy to restock, and easy to maintain. There is no doubt in the store owner’s mind that the first product in will be the first product sold, which is very beneficial to inventory control. In addition, gravity does all the work of front facing and keeping the store’s shelves looking full. When one product is purchased, the next automatically slides into its place, saving time and money when it comes to restocking.


Gravity flow shelving systems in California are incredibly safe for customers, owners, and employees. Each shelf has re-positionable guards, allowing them to be customized to the size of the product, and preventing the product from falling off the shelf. Customers are prevented from reaching up high and accidently knocking other products off the shelf, and employees are protected from stress injuries caused by excessive reach. The shelves can be easily restocked from the front or the back, and are made of sturdy material.

Product Visibility

The shelves can be adjusted at nearly any angle, depending on the product sold. This can greatly increase product visibility, as it allows for more products to be placed at eye level. With static shelving, products placed on the top shelf can often be missed by consumers, especially those who tend to shop at eye level. Gravity flow shelving systems have angled shelves, helping customers see more of the products sold in the store.

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