When to Repair, and When to Look Into Roof Replacement in Fleming Island, FL

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Roofing

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For just about any homeowner, keeping a roof above the family’s head is a top priority. This typically requires regular maintenance and the occasional repairs. It can be helpful, however, to be able to tell the difference between a roof that is in need of a few new shingles or other basic work, and one that will soon require Roof Replacement in Fleming Island, FL. Recognizing the warning signs of a problem can help homeowners to prepare, and ensure that they schedule an evaluation with a professional before it is too late.

A few curling, cracking, or discolored shingles usually indicate only that the roof needs a little work. They can be individually replaced, and if no water damage has occurred beneath them, all will be well. Take note of where the cracked shingles are, though. If they are all in one area, it’s likely an isolated problem. If they are across the span of the entire roof, it may need to be replaced in the next few years to avoid further damage.

If serious damage has already occurred and left holes in the roof, re-roofing is often the best option. Repair contractors can sometimes patch smaller holes, but they will really need to be repaired immediately after the damage is done. If there is a visible light shining through them, or even noticeable water drips, the situation is already fairly urgent. Whether to repair or replace depends on the extent of damage, whether any of it is structural rather than surface damage, and how old the roof is. If it is nearing the end of its lifespan, it makes more sense to replace than to repair.

Roofs that appear to be sagging or drooping should be replaced immediately. This often indicates structural issues in the attic or roof itself, and can even mean problems with the foundation. Allowing this sagging to progress too far without a Roof Replacement in Fleming Island, FL can place inhabitants of the home in a dangerous situation. Eventually, if left untended for long enough, a sagging roof will literally collapse. Still not sure whether the roof needs to be replaced, or could just be locally repaired? Call Keith Stern Roofing for an evaluation and an estimate. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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