When Professional Mold Mitigation Services are Required

by | May 7, 2020 | Restoration Services

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For homes that have been affected by water incursion, especially those that have been significantly flooded by a weather event or plumbing disaster, there’s usually a great deal of cleanup that needs to be done. Many people whose homes of been significantly impacted by water incursion will hire a restoration company who provides mold mitigation services in Ashburn VA. However, there homeowners that like to tackle the job themselves.

While this is possible, there are certain problems that could come up when a homeowner tries to do flood restoration work themselves. One of these issues is not getting the entire home as dry as possible. Another common problem occurs when homeowners don’t replace materials that didn’t dry properly. This can create a significant problem with mold.

The problem is that mold, especially mold growing inside of the walls, or in the ceiling, of the home can be extremely hazardous. Long-term exposure to mold can be very harmful and sometimes fatal to young people, senior citizens and people who have any sort of respiratory issues. However, the fact is that long-term exposure to extremely toxic mold can be harmful or fatal to people who are in very good health as well.

In these situations professional Mold mitigation services may need to be called in. Mitigation services in Ashburn VA like Pest Management Services Incorporated will get better handle on the type of mold that is plaguing the home and the scope of the mold problem. This usually means taking samples of the mold itself, as well as taking air samples to determine how many mold spores are present in the air inside of the home.

This is important because if the mold problem is contained to a specific area of the home, that area may be cordoned off while the family can continue to live in the other rooms. However, if the problem is significant, the home will need to be vacated until the mold mitigation is completed.

With the extreme danger that out-of-control mold growth can cause to your health, as well as the damage it can cause to materials used inside of the home, it’s important, to make sure that the home is properly dried after a water incursion. However, if a home experiences a slow leak that is out of sight from the homeowner, or it’s improperly dried after a flood, professional Mold mitigation services will be required.

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