What to Know About Window Rollers in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Window rollers are used in sliding windows to move them back and forth. The quality of the roller typically corresponds to the overall quality of the window. Top manufacturers, like Milgard or Anderson, for examples, fit sliding windows with excellent-quality rollers. These will last a long time and require very little maintenance. Cheap window rollers will wear quickly and need repair or replacement frequently. When Window Rollers in Santa Clarita CA begin to wear, the windows will be difficult to slide, may be jerky, or can get stuck in one place.

It is usually the wheel in the middle of the roller piece that wears first because it is the only moving piece in the mechanism. Sometimes, the casing gets damaged or the corner pieces become loose. The wheel can be replaced, and the casings and corner pieces can be repaired or replaced. The casings are made of plastic, nylon, or aluminum. Wheels are nylon, steel, or brass. A nylon wheel in a plastic casing is the weakest combination. If the window gets banged or hit, the impact can dislodge the casing because it is lightweight and not very stable. A stronger material can withstand regular impact without damage.

Lubricating the wheel with a spray can prolong the life of Window Rollers in Santa Clarita CA. Cleaning the track with a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth will keep the track free of dirt and debris. That will ensure the roller can operate unimpeded by obstacles. An experienced glass contractor, such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company, can provide tips for maintenance, as well as parts and repair services for rollers. Attempting to force the window across the roller will only add to the damage of the part, and could damage the frame or glass over time.

Sliding windows are becoming more popular because there is less framing around the glass panes. That allows more light to enter the room and makes the window appear bigger. The modern look is ideal for replacement projects to give the home a fresh feel. Selecting high-quality windows will mean less maintenance on rollers and other components.

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