What to Know About Electric Car Charging Installations in Kenilworth

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Electrical

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Electric cars are definitely becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so. With gas prices skyrocketing, as well as, the need to cut back on carbon footprints, going electric makes sense. If you are wanting to install a charging station for your car, here are some things you should know.

Make and Model

Before you can begin your search for electric car charging installations in Kenilworth, you must first know what type of plug you have on your car. This information will determine how long your vehicle can operate on a single charge and dictate the capacity of your charging station. Your charger must be capable of maintaining your battery’s charge and it should be located within close proximity to your parking space.

Charging Speed

Consider the amount of distance you plan to drive between charges and if an overnight charge is sufficient. Otherwise, if you would like to use your vehicle for long drives then you may want to consider opting for a high-speed charger. However, if you prefer flexibility and having options, then you can always install a level 2 charger, yet still have a level 1 charger as sort of a back up to give you a boost if you are on a long trip.


Be mindful of your electrical circuit’s capacity when choosing a charging station. If you attempt to charge at more than 80%, you may end up tripping your circuit breaker.

When considering electric car charging installations in Kenilworth, your car’s battery pack will determine the level of charge it can hold. While you can definitely install a charging station that allows you to charge quickly, if you want to go the full distance on a single charge, then your vehicle should be equipped with a larger battery pack. For more information, Contact Current Electrical Contractors website.

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