What to Do About Mold Damage

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Roofing & Restoration

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When mold appears, many people use bleach or over-the-counter mold remover products to get rid of it. When it appears somewhere else, they do the same thing. That may make the mold out of sight, but it does nothing to take care of Mold Damage. Sprays and cleaning attempts may actually expedite mold growth. Mold will continue to show up in areas around the home until the cause is found, the damage cleaned up, and the areas restored. It can also be spreading inside the walls, along floor boards, and in the basement or crawl spaces. The best thing to do is call a professional restoration company.

The cause is some sort of water source. That can be a leak somewhere, condensation caused by not enough ventilation around a pipe, or excess moisture in an air duct that is allowing mold to spread. Once exposed to a water source, mold begins to spread in just forty-eight hours. The cause has to be fixed before Mold Damage can be cleared. Even if mold has not been seen, people should have the home inspected for mold if there has been any type of a leak, or if condensation has been discovered. Most experienced companies, such as Black Label Restoration, for example, offer free mold inspections.

Advanced equipment is used to detect mold wherever it may be, including in the walls, furniture, or carpeting. If mold is found, the first step is containment to keep it from spreading any further. A plan of action will be recommended, based on the type and extent of mold found. Early detection can result in a fairly quick and contained process, like one small area. A leak in the kitchen faucet, for example, may have caused mold in the lower kitchen cabinets.

More advanced cases, such as mold in the walls or floor boards, may require tearing up carpeting and removing everything out of the room. Extreme cases will mean the family has to vacate the house for a few days. Mold produces allergens and irritants that can exacerbate asthma and lead to chronic health problems. Select a company that will work with the insurance company to get estimates and expenditures approved, and help submit paperwork to get the home back to proper condition. For more details visit Facebook.

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