What Siding Material Will You Have Your Siding Contractor in Rockford, IL Install?

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

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A few decades ago siding options for homes were either aluminum, wood, or brick. With advancements in material technology and manufacturing processes, homeowners can now choose from metal, vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, and stone, as well. Browse our website to discover the variety of siding material offered on today’s market. The following is a closer look at three popular choices.

Vinyl – When it comes to cornering the market, vinyl siding is the clear winner. It is durable, versatile (many style options), offers a plethora of colors to choose from, and affordable. It is so resilient that many manufacturers offer 30 to 40-year warranties due to its resistance to insects and color-fading. It requires minimal maintenance with an occasional washing to remove dirt and can also be insulated. Potential drawbacks are that it can be dented if it receives a hard impact or cut and chipped with lawn care equipment like weed trimmers.

Wood – No other siding material offers the natural, earthy beauty of wood. Popular species used include pine, fir, spruce, redwood, and cedar. Wood siding main advantages include the ease of replacing damaged pieces, its eco-friendliness (derived from nature), it can be stained or painted, and it provides excellent insulation against temperature extremes. Since it is wood, it is susceptible to insect infestations, like termites, and vulnerable to moisture damage. Wood siding also requires periodic re-staining or painting to look its best.

Fiber Cement – Fiber cement siding is a preferred option for many a Siding contractors in Rockford, IL.

Designed to imitate the beauty and feel of wood, fiber cement is a blend of wood pulp, sand, and Portland cement. The primary advantages of fiber cement are that it is practically maintenance-free, is resistant to insects and moisture, and carries a class 1A fire rating, making it extremely fire-resistant. A disadvantage for the DIY installer is that due to its weight it requires two people to install.

To simplify the decision regarding what material a Siding Contractors in Rockford, IL installs on your home, take the following factors into account. Consider the climate where you live. Areas with significant annual rainfall or extreme fluctuations of hot or cold temperatures are best served using rust resistant and insulating materials. Many times the architectural style of the home dictates the choice of siding material, such as Victorian-era homes that look best with shaker or clapboard shingles, rather than brick.

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