What Does A Roof Mechanic Do In Aurora, Illinois?

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Home Improvement

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Anywhere in the world, and for any type of enclosed building, the roof serves one major purpose – it keeps the weather out. As so long as it serves this function on a long-term basis, everyone will be happy. Unfortunately, many roofs and the materials they are constructed from do not have infinite lifespans. Have you noticed that, when it comes to rescuing, maintaining, or restoring old historical buildings it is usually the roof that is in the most critical state of disrepair?


When you consider that many shingles are only under warranty for less than 10 years and even high grade ones are not covered for more than 20 to 50 years you get an insight into why the roof is often the first part of a building to get into a state beyond simple repair. This does not include accidental damage from tornadoes, lightning strikes, hail stones or other sources; it is purely the life expectancy of the shingle under normal circumstances.

The More Work A Roof Has To Do, The Shorter Its Life Expectancy

If we look at anywhere in Chicagoland, we see that wide swings in climate are experienced over the course of any given year due to its mid-continental position and humid continental climate. Aurora can see tornadoes and blizzards, while summer temperatures can reach 100 °F while the thermometer can drop to −33 °F in winter. Summer thunderstorms and winter blizzards are regular features bringing up to 48 inches of rainfall and 38 inches of snow each year.

All of this is going to put strain on any type of roof. Wind, lightning, and hail brings obvious problem potential. However, sealants and mortar can dry out or crack from expansion and contraction, as well as the high summer temperatures –if damaged, water can leak in through protrusions in the roof (chimneys, vents, skylights, etc).

New Construction

For this, the architect, main contractor, and sub-contractors (like the roofing contractor) all work together to minimize weather related problems in the new roof. A roof mechanic (or roofer) in Aurora is initially responsible for following the detailed drawings to erect the struts, spars, beams, etc. that will support the roof. He or she then moves on to apply the weather proof covering and seal up all possible ingress points –usually, the gutters and drainage will also be part of the roofer’s scope of work.

Followed By Ongoing Inspection, Maintenance And Repair

As we said above, roofs do not last forever in the Illinois climate. Therefore, there will always be plenty of remedial work available for our roof mechanic.

Whatever the work that you require done on your roof, it is essential that it be done properly. Every working roofer in Aurora that is employed by the owner-operated firm of Showalter Roofing Services, Inc. has passed all apprenticeship requirements to be licensed for this skilled job. Click Here for more information.

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