Ways to Tell It Is Time to Contact a Roofing Company in Nashville

by | May 31, 2016 | Roofing

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There are many warning signs that can alert you that it is time to call a Roofing Company in Nashville and get a brand new roof. If any of these signs are seen on the roof, it is vital to call a professional right away to replace it before it ends up damaging the entire home. Here are the major warning signs that mean it is time to have a new roof put on the home.

Check the Exterior of the Roof

The first thing to do is an exterior check of the entire roof. Look for things like shingles missing, parts rotting, algae growing, blistering damaged flashing and curling. If anything on the roof is torn or cracked, this is a sign it is in need of repairs or a full replacement.

Check for Any Signs of Moisture

Any signs of moisture, mold, or rot are bad signs that point to the need of a Roofing Company in Nashville. Keep in mind that if there are wet areas on the roof, it does not mean they are right underneath the shingle. Water tends to drip, meaning the problem could be much deeper than you think. Bacteria and mold are able to develop within just one to two days of a moisture problem, so it is important to try and catch this issue fast.

Check for Sagging and Spots on the Roof

If there are any areas on the roof deck that are sagging, this is a sign that points to a problem. Check for sagging areas to make sure the roof is in safe condition. Also, keep an eye out for dark trails and dark spots around the roof. If any of these are evident, contact a professional to come and check the roof for you.

If any of the warning signs are evident on your current roof, that does not mean it is time to panic. Roof issues can be resolved quickly if they are caught in time. The best thing to do is call a professional and have them take a look to see just how severe the damage is. Contact us for more information.

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