Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA Provide a Welcome Bathroom Feature for Many Senior Citizens

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Kitchen and Bathroom

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As the population of senior citizens rapidly becomes larger, the demand for Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA does as well. These bathroom features allow people with mobility and balance issues to walk into a bathtub instead of having to climb over the side. They can sit on a bench seat instead of having to move all the way down to what essentially is the floor.

People who thought they’d never be able to take a bath again now are able to do so and continue enjoying this relaxing experience. Even though they are sitting upright, they are still immersed in water as much as they choose to be. Tubs are available with water jets to make it even more soothing for sore muscles and joints, and just for the serenity.

There are certain considerations involving Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA that a person must take into account. The door seals completely, which prevents water from spilling into the room. However, that means the person must be inside the tub as it fills and also as it drains. If they tend to get chilly during this time, they’ll want to have a towel or robe to drape around themselves during the process and a convenient place to hang it up to dry. A heat lamp in the area is another option. A contractor such as Business Name. can install the walk-in tub as well as a fixture for a heat lamp if the homeowner would like that feature added.

If someone plans to use the tub for getting clean, this individual may feel uncomfortable about letting the dirty water drain as they sit in it. They’ll want to have a hand-held shower device so they can thoroughly rinse off. Fortunately, water draining in these models is designed to be fast; some come with two drains. How quickly the tub fills up depends on the home’s plumbing and water pressure.

The tubs are designed for safety. They come with hand rails and textured surfaces to prevent slipping. Slip-and-fall accidents in bathrooms are relatively common among senior citizens, so these design features are very helpful.

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