Using Pest Management in Severna Park To Keep Mice Away

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Pest Control

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When mice get into a home, there is likely to be a call made to a service for Pest Management in Severna Park to eliminate the problem. It is important that the homeowner takes additional steps after a pest control company removes mice from a structure to aid in keeping the rodents from returning. Here are some steps to take to help keep mice from invading personal living space.

Keep The Home As Clean As Possible

Mice will stick around an area where there is an adequate supply of food for them to feast on. Eliminating all food sources from within the home will make the area less attractive to mice, perhaps helping to get them to vacate the house as a result. Be sure to vacuum and wipe down surfaces used for the preparation of food on a daily basis.

Eliminate Sources Of Water From The Property

If there is a water source on the property, mice will utilize it to keep themselves hydrated. Make sure to cover all children’s swimming pools and ensure garden hoses are turned off so water does not drip out onto the property for mice to drink from. Pet water dishes, in addition to food dishes, that are kept outdoors should be taken inside when a pet goes back into the house. It is also best to fix any interior plumbing problems so mice do not have a never-ending water supply available to use.

Block All Entryways So Mice Can’t Get In

It is important to take the time to repair any cracks on the exterior of the home so mice cannot get inside of the building. Use caulk to seal gaps in siding or around window frames. A door sweep can be placed under a door where a large gap is present to keep mice from slithering underneath.

When there is a need to call a service that provides Pest Management in Severna Park, finding a company known for their great pricing and customer service is best. Take a look at website to find out more about a professional and reliable pest control service in the area.

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