Using Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT To Make Property Look Bigger

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Landscaping

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When a homeowner has a small plot of land, they can hire Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT in an attempt to make it look larger than it is in reality. There are several tricks a landscaping company can use to trick the eyes into making land look as if it is expansive. Here are some ideas a homeowner can use to make their own small yard look bigger to those viewing it.

Hold Off On Using Items Along The Perimeter

It is a good idea to keep the perimeter of the property free of any type of fencing, bushes, or floral borders. This will show the limits of the land, making it appear small as a result. Instead, place items in the middle portion of the property. This will draw the eyes inward, allowing them to gaze upon interesting features instead of showing the exact edges of the property.

Give Viewers Interesting Pieces To Appreciate

A bird bath, statue, or bench are great features that will dress up a property in a positive manner. Consider adding large planters with floral blooms in the central area of the property to give it in inviting appearance. Yard signs, pin wheels, or decorative stone pathways are also great additions that break up the appearance of a flat plot of land, making it feel bigger with their presence.

Break Up Land With The Addition Of Height

One way to make a property feel bigger is with the addition of retaining walls. This will draw the eyes upward, giving the property the illusion of more space. A landscaping service can add stone, brick, or wooden walls to the land with ease. Flowers can also be added to give these walls a bit of color if desired.

When there is a desire to change the appearance of a smaller piece of property, a call can be made to one of the Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT to assist with this endeavor. Contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC today to find out more about the services they offer and to discuss design options and pricing if desired.

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