Understanding The Basics Of Properly Maintaining Your Septic In Keller, TX

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Septic Tanks

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Usually, there are two types of septic systems that a Keller area home will be able to utilize. The most common involves septic tanks, while the other involves municipal waste water piping that homes connect to in neighborhoods. While the municipal method can often be easier to deal with, septic tanks themselves are often more convenient for homeowners on larger properties of a single acre or more. This is due to their capacity lasting so long, before needing to be emptied. While it may seem easier to have a municipal system when they are available in the area the home resides in, a homeowner still has to pay service fees for monthly use. With a septic tank, there are no fees until the tank needs to be emptied by a contractor.

When getting a property’s septic in Keller TX emptied out, a contractor will utilize a vacuum truck with a large tank on it. This truck will typically have the capacity for multiple tanks to be emptied out, making it easy for a contractor to send out one truck to multiple locations. Once the truck arrives, it will hook up to the Septic in Keller TX by connecting a long thick hose to the tank’s lid. Once the vacuum system has started, it will suck up the waste from the septic tank and empty it out. Many companies offer other services aside from emptying the tanks out, such as cleaning and treatment.

Cleaning tanks out can involve more than just emptying it. A septic tank is essentially a large hole in the ground with a concrete lid. In many cases, older septic tanks are simply dirt holes. More modern tanks have a lining that is sprayed around the hole to help reduce build up and any toxicity seepage into the ground around the tank. Septic companies will use pressure washers and sprayers to clean these sides out once the tank is empty to further help reduce this problem. Once done, they will typically treat the tank by lining it with chemicals that help break down solid waste more easily. Get more information by contacting a reputable septic service to learn more about how to take better care of any type of septic system.

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