Three Reasons To Schedule Roof Repair In Appleton Before Winter Arrives

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Roofing

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Wisconsin winters can be brutal, and homeowners in the Appleton area should make sure that their roof is in the best shape possible before the cold weather begins. An asphalt shingled roof that’s damaged will only get worse during frigid weather, and it may be difficult to make the repairs. Read the information below to learn three reasons why it’s very important to contact a company for Roof Repair in Appleton before the winter months arrive.

Snow and Ice Accumulation On The Roof

There are many dangers of snow and ice accumulation on a roof, especially if the shingles are nearing their lifespan. Several inches of snow that are piled on a roof is heavy, and this massive weight can cause breakage in weakened shingles. Ice dams are also common due to melting snow that runs down the roof, underneath the top layer of snow. As the water nears the edge of the roof, it freezes again and causes large icicles to hang off the side of the roof. This frozen water is also weighty and can cause further damage to an already impaired roof.

Temperature Changes

As winter grows near the temperatures, begin to drop and then it may be a bit warmer for a few days before it gets cold again. This type of inconsistency in outside temperatures causes expansion and contraction in asphalt shingles. As this transformation occurs, older and worn out shingles often curl up along the outside edges. Shingles that are already partially damaged have a tendency to crack or break. When it snows or rains, the wetness will leak through the unsound shingles and drip into the house.

Freezing Temperatures

Unless it’s an emergency, roofing a house or making repairs is not feasible during the months when the temperatures hover around the freezing mark or below. Asphalt shingles need warmer temperatures so they can seal properly and cold temperatures cause the shingles to become brittle, which becomes an issue when nailing them down. Snow, freezing rain and ice will also halt work on the roof, and this will ultimately turn into a bigger problem. Before winter arrives, homeowners should contact a company that provides Roof Repair in Appleton to fix any issues with their roof.

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