Three Door Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square PA Ideas That Come in All Shades and Colors

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

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A little thinking outside-the-box can go a long way in making a kitchen space illuminate with charm. Below are three ideas to make kitchen cabinets glow, and they all have to do with the doors that face forward- front and center.

Raised Panels

Some door styles have two pieces to them that are seamlessly connected together. The basic idea is that the door exists on the bottom, and a raised panel floats above it. Both of these pieces are connected as one, but they appear like two separate parts. The indents could be different. For example, the bottom portion could have a small and subtle indent near the edge of the door. The top could either be completely flat or have as protruding design. The indent may not an indent at all because it can stick out. The duality between the design of the bottom half and the design of the raised panel above can make for captivating Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square PA.

The Mission

The nearly-flat aesthetic of the pure white Mission-style kitchen cabinet is hard to turn away from. What gives it that nuanced glow is the mild recess in the middle. The door has a smaller indent halfway towards the middle. It creates a frame-like design for the cabinet door that is deceptively simple. It is the combination of the classic white and the very subtle indent that makes the Mission door option a popular one.

Flat or Slab

The flat style is also called slab. It can be entirely flat. This means that there is not a small groove for opening, a border, or any kind of visible texture on the door Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square PA. The flat design has its flaws, especially for people who want to open and close the cabinets in a traditional way. People will have to use the side of the cabinet. The flat design can have the raised panel as well, and the small dividing line between the two could be used to access the door.

Whether flat or highly textured, Walter & Jackson Inc has an assortment of kitchen cabinet doors available to change the tone of the kitchen. All it takes is one visionary and a team to bring it to life.

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