Three Changes to Make to Refresh the Atmosphere of Your Kitchen

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Kitchen Renovation

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An airy, attractive kitchen is a pleasant place to spend time with family. If you want to make your kitchen’s decor more inviting, there are several things you can do to accomplish your goal. Consider three changes you can make in your kitchen to create an inviting, light atmosphere.

Light-Colored Cabinets

When you choose cabinets in white, beige or another neutral color from custom cabinetry in Pompano Beach, you’re adding to the airy tone of your kitchen. Decorating in light colors can even make your kitchen appear larger. Plus, if you have windows in your kitchen, your light-colored cabinets will reflect the sunlight contributing to the peaceful atmosphere.

Stainless Steel Handles

When you go with custom cabinetry in Pompano Beach, you can choose stainless steel handles for your cabinets and drawers. You may want long, sleek handles or elegant stainless-steel pulls or knobs. All of these choices can add to your kitchen’s tone. Stainless steel adds to the lightness of the atmosphere in your kitchen. This material reflects sunlight along with the light created by your hanging light fixtures or recessed lighting. This handle choice will also complement a stainless-steel refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and stove.

Glass Doors on Cabinets

Think about glass doors for your new kitchen cabinets. Once again, the surface of the glass is great for reflecting light around your kitchen. Also, if you love the appearance of your plates, cups and bowls, you can put them on display as they sit in your cabinets ready to be put onto the table!

Finally, these three simple changes can go a long way to refreshing the atmosphere in your kitchen. When you have a kitchen with a welcoming atmosphere, you and your family will be more inclined to gather there to talk after work, school and on the weekends.

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