Think of Upholstery in Stamford Before Tossing That Furniture

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Home Improvement

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A once loved piece of furniture will show up shabby and uncared for in a yardsale and on the side of the road – hoping someone will come along and claim it. Often people don’t know what to do when a piece of furniture becomes old, worn-out, and loses is luster. That thread-worn old chair does not have to wind up in the dumpster. Even furniture that has been damaged by water or smoke can be saved. The art of Upholstery in Stamford can breath new life into even the most worthless looking chair. Before tossing it out to the roadside, give a professional upholsterer, such as those one will find at Dominics Decorating, a call and let them work their magic. The old can be made new again.

Reupholstering is a wonderful form of recycling. Instead of throwing it away, new cushions and fabric can make furniture like new again. Maybe the old chair is a family heirloom who has rocked many babies, soothed hurts and brought forth sweet dreams. It does not have to become kindling just because it is old. click here to see what a professional can do for such a family heirloom. A reputable company and a visit to their showroom can quickly give one an idea of what your old furniture can become.

Upholstering an old piece of furniture can be a much better option than running out and purchasing a new piece. Not many people have the expendable income to buy new furniture just because what they have gets old. The memories associated with furniture can run deep. The knowledge that your great grandmother’s rocking chair can be around for your daughter’s children is certainly worth a trip to the upholsterer. Another benefit of choosing Upholstery in Stamford is being able to choose the fabric yourself. Now you can match drapes, carpet or even that lovely piece of artwork. Take a moment to consider the art of upholstery when you have an old piece that is looking a bit shabby. Don’t throw it away – choose to reupholster that piece instead. It’s a great alternative to the dump. Visit the website .

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