Things You May Not Know About Flat Roof Construction

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Roofing

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Many people are more familiar with sloped roofs than with flat roofs. However, there are some real advantages to Flat Roof Construction. Understanding the basics can help you decide whether this type of roofing is right for your purposes.

The Name Is a Misnomer

What people call a flat roof isn’t really flat. Flat Roof Construction still needs to have a slight slope or water wouldn’t drain off the roof. Puddles of water on the roof would damage the roofing and, perhaps, the rest of the home as well.

A Good Drainage System Is Essential

Don’t skip the drainage system when installing a flat roof. These roofs take longer to drain that roofs with more of a slope, so a good drainage system is particularly important to help get the water off of the roof and away from the building.

These Roofs Can Be Less Expensive

Even using some of the slightly more expensive options for flat roofing, you may find that replacing the roof will be cheaper than replacing a more typically sloped roof. This roofing is lightweight, and the flat surface makes installation safer and easier, decreasing overall installation costs.

Flat Roofs Increase Usable Space

Another advantage of flat roofs is that the top of the roof is then usable space. You can install solar panels, an HVAC system, or even a rooftop garden. Just be sure these elements don’t add too much to the structural load of the roof.

The Roofs Can Be Energy-Saving

Flat roofs can be installed so they have a light-colored or reflective coating. This coating will help reflect the sunlight so the building doesn’t get as hot during the summer, potentially saving on air-conditioning costs for the building.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance Is Necessary

Because you can’t see the top of the roof easily from the ground, it’s important to have the roof inspected regularly for damage. This allows for maintenance to be performed before any damage becomes serious, potentially lengthening the life of the roof.

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