The Possibility of Poured Flooring in NY for Residential Kitchens

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Flooring

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Poured Flooring in NY made of resin is chosen by some homeowners for their kitchens. Although this is not yet a common choice, the material has distinct advantages that many people like. They’ve learned that this type of flooring is prevalent in commercial kitchens, and they don’t see why they shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of resin flooring in their residential kitchen.

Flooring Choices for Residential Kitchens

Homeowners generally decide on vinyl, linoleum, laminate or tile for kitchen floors. They tend to avoid carpet and hardwood, which can be problematic in a room where food and beverage spills are likely, and where a dishwasher or refrigerator might leak. Poured Flooring in NY is also suitable for its durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to staining from spills. Usually cleaning only involves routine sweeping and occasional wet-mopping. Water spilling onto the floor won’t cause it to warp.

The Importance of Precision

Hiring a company such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation with workers who are very experienced in poured flooring installation is crucial. Most floor coverings are manufactured off site and installed by technicians. Poured materials like resin, epoxy and concrete require the environment to stay as controlled as possible to prevent flaws. It’s easy to understand why a bit of dust or dog hair, or the improper level of humidity, can be disruptive.

The workers must place divider strips for sections of the floor so the resin can be poured in an even amount throughout the room. The level of precision required means that labor costs can be higher than for some of the more common flooring materials. Nevertheless, this is considered an excellent investment because of the long lifespan of these floors and the boost in home value.

Colors and Chips

They add any colors the customers want soon before pouring the material. Most homeowners prefer a solid color, but some like the randomness of tints that are not fully mixed into the resin. In addition, chips of various shapes, sizes and colors can be included to add the illusion of texture. They can be uniform, such as green diamonds, or there can be a blend. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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