The Different Materials for Bi-Folding Doors in Jacksonville, FL

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Doors and Windows

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When you are searching for bi-folding doors, you might have a few things to consider. One of the most important things to consider is the material used to make your doors. You can choose from glass, screens, metal, and wood. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Analyzing the different materials is the only way to find the one that works best for you.

When you are searching for doors, you should consider what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to find doors that allow a large amount of light into your house, then you should look into glass. The best bi-folding doors in Jacksonville, FL are made of glass that protects your house from harmful UV rays but allows the light in. When the light comes in the house, you can turn off your light bulbs and save some money. Also, during the winter, sunlight helps to warm your house, which could help you save money on heating costs. In Jacksonville, FL, this is especially useful, because there are so many hours of daylight.

If you are most concerned about keeping your air conditioning costs low, then you should look into wood. Wood does not readily transfer heat, because it is thicker than glass. Also, it blocks out light, so sunlight cannot come into the house and heat up your rooms. Because wood is not very reflective, it does not absorb very much heat from sunlight, so it is definitely the best choice for keeping your house cool.

However, when you are dealing with an opaque substance like wood, you have to think about how dark that will make your house. If you were relying on natural light coming in from your patio, you would have to readjust your lighting scheme. You will save money on cooling your house, which should be much higher than the money saved by keeping your lights turned off.

However, wood has the advantage of bi-folding as well. Folding doors can be opened and closed based on circumstances. If the outside temperature is very nice, then you can open up your folding doors, so that you let in the outside air and light. If it is a very uncomfortable day, then you can close the doors to block out the outside temperature. What’s most important is that you can decide for yourself what is right for you.

Metal doors serve as bridges to allow heat to pass in and out of your house, so they make it more difficult to maintain a consistent temperature in your house. Metal heats up on sunny days and gets cold on cold days. That makes it much harder to condition your house. Metal, however, is the strongest material, so it works best for security purposes.

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